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There are countless sleeping bag varieties that combine features like weight, volume, size and warmth to fit your needs. Knowing your style of camping is necessary for having the right sleeping bag.

When choosing sleeping bags for Romantic Camping COMFORT is the bottom-line. The following are the three most important comfort factors to consider:

  1. Warmth – Determine the temperature rating that will best fit your camping style. Remember that the temperature rating system is only an approximate range. You want a bag that will keep you cozy while sleeping naked.
  2. Space - Larger sized bags are more comfortable and can better accommodate two moving bodies. However, smaller sleeping bags are best for camping in cold climates. You do not want lots of dead space in your bag when it’s cold.
  3. Compatibility – Like people, not all sleeping bags are compatible. If you are using separate sleeping bags make sure they can zip together. This means get two sleeping bags of the same brand one with a “LEFT Zipper” and one with a “RIGHT Zipper”. Of course, you could always just buy ONE two-person sleeping bag!

I have uploaded some great information about sleeping bags at This information will help you understand the many factors to consider when choosing a sleeping bag/bags for Romantic Camping. Topics include sleeping bag fill, temperature ratings, sleeping bag types, basic features, and sleeping bag care.

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