Don’t Be A Romantic Wussy

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Romantic Wussy
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The word WUSSY probably originated on a school playground somewhere. It’s one of the great slang words. You can call someone a “wimp” and “pussy” at the same time. Clearly, you don’t want to be called a WUSSY.

How do you know if you’re a WUSSY?

WUSSIES are those people who over accommodate in their relationship. This is an attempt to make up for their lack of confidence or ability. The following are some common things WUSSY types do:

  • They don’t care if they are being used. They allow themselves to be manipulated and tend to do whatever their partner wants.
  • They suck-up to their partner and others. They exude a need for attention and participation.
  • They are NOT decisive. They have a problem making decisions and often defer the decision making to their partner.
  • They feel the NEED to buy their partner’s affection. They do this because deep down they really don’t understand why their partner wants to be with them.
  • They TRY too hard. They don’t have that natural easy attitude.

These various displays of weakness are NOT attractive! People do NOT feel strong sexual attraction for someone who is uncertain of themselves and their abilities. This is just one of those laws of the universe.

Are you wondering what all this WUSSY stuff has to do with Romantic Camping?

I’ve been thinking lately about affective Romantic Camping experiences. It occurred to me that romantic efforts are basically a waste of time (and money) if you are a WUSSY. You could actually be making things worse for yourself!

Romance is like a SPICE that is used for seasoning the main dish of your relationship. If you’re a WUSS all the seasoning in the world is not going to hide the fact that your food is lacking quality and adequate preparation. You just can’t hide BAD food with lots of SPICES.

Quality meals begin with the best ingredients. With simple preparation and the right SPICES you can transform quality ingredients into a mind-blowing experience.

How do you use the SPICES of romance to enhance your camping?

Always start with the BEST ingredients. This means know your outdoor basics. Become an expert on planning romantic getaways. Understand how to use your camping gear to its full potential. Learn what to do in emergency situations. These are a few of the ingredients I cover HERE on this blog and at

Don’t be a WUSSY! Your self-confidence and decisiveness in the wilderness can be the foundation for your romantic relationship. Demonstrate your mastery in specific skill areas like fire building, outdoor cooking, hiking and camping. If you do this you will be building the right ingredients for your relationship. With quality ingredients in place you can begin adding the SPICES of romance!

Heart of Romantic Camping

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Heart of Romantic
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The word “romantic” originates from medieval romance tales of adventure, chivalry and love. This word also draws association from the Romantic Movement (18th through 19th century). This means that historically the word “romantic” was used as a style of expression.

The word “romantic” combines freedom of imagination with elements of extravagance, idealism and emotion. How cool is that!

Today, “romantic” is commonly used to describe a type of relationship. It refers to an intimate or sexual relationship between two people.

So, what do these different definitions have to do with Romantic Camping?

1) Romantic Camping is an idealistic and expressive style of camping! This camping style uses YOUR imagination to create extravagant experiences that invoke emotions!

2) Romantic Camping is for people who have an intimate relationship. There is a unique dynamic that occurs when two lovers go camping. This experience should be different than camping with family or friends!

The goal for Romantic Camping is to get to the HEART OF ROMANCE. Exotic, extravagant, ideal, adventurous, imaginative, passionate and intimate are the kinds of words that should describe your next Romantic Getaway. These are the associations for the word “romantic”!

I am finding the BEST romantic ideas and camping advice and posting it on the Romantic Camping Blog. It is my goal to help you create authentically “Romantic” camping experiences.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support!