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Romantic Camping Check List

The Ultimate Romantic Camping List is now available!

Have YOU ever forgotten to bring something IMPORTANT on a camping trip? It has happened to everyone… Especially me.

There is so much to think about when preparing a Romantic Getaway. I used to forget at least one piece of camping gear every time I went camping. For years, I continued to forget things. Finally, I got smart! I made myself a camping checklist. This camping checklist always ensures that I bring everything I need to be safe and comfortable my outdoor adventure.

I have created a NEW version of my original camping check list. I am calling it The Ultimate Romantic Camping List. This NEW version has all the necessary camping gear plus many Romantic Extras.

I am sharing my camping list with YOU for FREE!!!

Do not forget anything again. Get my Romantic Camping checklist Today!

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Romantic Ideas - Sex on the Beach

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Here’s a romantic idea - go camping at the beach! Beach camping is romantic. Camping at the beach offers great opportunities for getting in touch with nature and your partner. There is a natural human attraction to the ocean. The sand and sea have a calibrating affect on your soul.

When going to the beach there are IMPORTANT considerations. Don’t show up unprepared. Your trip could quickly turn into a nightmare. I’ve listed necessary considerations HERE at

Watching sunsets (or sunrises) and walking on the beach will have a magical influence on your day. A beach sunset is definitely an event that you should plan your day around. With some foresight and luck you will be having Sex on the Beach!

Of course, certain circumstances are necessary for sex on the beach to occur. Do you know how to make it happen smoothly? It’s NOT complicated. Visit for more info…

Planning Romantic Getaways

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Do you need a Romantic Getaway? Life can become familiar, comfortable and predictable. Shake it up! Step away from your TV, phone, and bedroom. Free your relationship from the normal routine. Experience the thrill of the outdoors. Thrilling is Sexy!

You can transform your next camping trip into a Romantic Getaway! Begin preparing now. I am here to help you. I have just uploaded the first page about PLANNING your Romantic Getaway. Basically, the planning process has THREE parts:

1) KNOW YOURSELF. Also know the person you are camping with!

2) GATHER INFORMATION. Find a campsite that fits your needs!

3) BE PREPARED. is dedicate to preparing you for success!

Click HERE to learn more about PLANNING the perfect Romantic Camping Getaway.

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