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Romantic Camping Checklist

A little while ago, I made a quick anonymous survey over at I asked my friends to share which item they would bring camping to INCREASE the romantic potential of their outdoor adventure.

Here are the survey results…

lots of great chocolate, some quality massage oils and a couple of toys
scented candles
the coordinates for the star I had named after my boyfriend
chocolate wine
massage oils
massage bar from Lush
your birthday suit for skinny-dipping
whip cream
lacy bra and panty
patience and a sense of adventure
comfortable bedding
the Right Attitude!
wine/ sparkling cider
accidentally only one sleeping bag or two that zip together
my girlfriend
x-rated dice
red wine

What do you think? Leave your comment or go take the survey yourself.

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Dowload My FREE Romantic Camping Checklist

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Romantic Camping Check List

The Ultimate Romantic Camping List is now available!

Have YOU ever forgotten to bring something IMPORTANT on a camping trip? It has happened to everyone… Especially me.

There is so much to think about when preparing a Romantic Getaway. I used to forget at least one piece of camping gear every time I went camping. For years, I continued to forget things. Finally, I got smart! I made myself a camping checklist. This camping checklist always ensures that I bring everything I need to be safe and comfortable my outdoor adventure.

I have created a NEW version of my original camping check list. I am calling it The Ultimate Romantic Camping List. This NEW version has all the necessary camping gear plus many Romantic Extras.

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