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Romantic Camping Check List

The Ultimate Romantic Camping List is now available!

Have YOU ever forgotten to bring something IMPORTANT on a camping trip? It has happened to everyone… Especially me.

There is so much to think about when preparing a Romantic Getaway. I used to forget at least one piece of camping gear every time I went camping. For years, I continued to forget things. Finally, I got smart! I made myself a camping checklist. This camping checklist always ensures that I bring everything I need to be safe and comfortable my outdoor adventure.

I have created a NEW version of my original camping check list. I am calling it The Ultimate Romantic Camping List. This NEW version has all the necessary camping gear plus many Romantic Extras.

I am sharing my camping list with YOU for FREE!!!

Do not forget anything again. Get my Romantic Camping checklist Today!

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Your Backpack Basics

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Do you know how to purchase the right backpack and how to use it correctly? There is much to know about backpacks. If you plan to haul ALL your camping gear on your back you MUST be prepared with the right information.

I have setup a brief outline of backpack essentials at This information includes features, styles, sizes, loading strategies and hydration systems ALL for backpacks. Definitely jump over and check out the Backpacks section.

As a preview, I will highlight some to the crucial backpack INFO right now. Don’t learn the hard way! Follow my advice and you will be on your way and feeling right… So, here is my “quick-and-dirty” backpack purchasing advice:

1) Proper Fit - Make certain your pack fits RIGHT! Have an experienced sales person to help you find a pack that fits your body correctly. Your height and the size of your hips and shoulders are significant factors in finding the right backpack. Every backpack feels good empty. Load the backpack with weight and then try it on.

2) Internal or External Frame - What’s important to you… balance or ventilation? The internal frame style allows you to carry the weight closer to your body. This style helps provides a lower center of gravity and provides a more predictable movement of the load. The external frame typically has a system of straps and pads to keep the main pack and frame from contacting the body. This open structure has the added benefit of improved ventilation and decreased sweatiness.

3) Gear Access - How do you want to access your gear? There are three options… Top-loading styles have a single top opening that can be synched-up tight for maximum water resistance. Panel-loading style allows convenient access to your stuff through a horseshoe-shaped zipper from the front panel of the pack. Combo-loading gives you both options.

4) Backpack Size - Buy a backpack that is sized specifically for the trip you are doing. Day packs hold about 1,000 – 1,500 cubic inches. Weekend packs are sized at about 3000 – 4,500 cubic inches. Trekking packs are in the 4000 – 6,000 cubic inch range.

Camping Air Beds & Sleeping Pads

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For Romantic Camping, you must have a comfortable mattress. Sleeping on hard ground is NOT Romantic. It’s uncomfortable! The goal of Romantic Getaway is to maximize the enjoyment of your camping experience. Using a soft bed is crucial to meeting this goal.

Look at the foam pad in this picture… I selected this picture because it symbolizes the classic sleeping pad. It’s actually NOT a sleeping pad. It’s an exercise mat that is ONLY good for yoga and sit-ups. My very first sleeping pad (back in the Boy Scout days) was a blue foam pad like this one. Let me tell you - It sucked! Cheap foam pads like this should only be considered as a last resort.

Camping air beds are the MOST comfortable camping mattress option. These beds work pretty good for car-camping. You do need an electric pump that can plug into your cigarette lighter. Foot or hand pumps also work good (less annoying than the noisy electric). The main problem will camping air beds is they will literally let you down. Sooner or later they become a worthless pile of plastic. I feel a little guilty throwing that much plastic into the local landfill. I also HATE waking up in the middle of the night to discover that I’m lying on the hard ground.

In recent years, I’ve been using a full-length Therm-A-Rest self-inflating sleeping pad. This type of pad is capable of self-inflation due to an open-cell foam that fills the internal cavity. You need only open the valve and wait for it to fill. This sleeping pad is lightweight and space efficient. Best of all, it’s comfortable!

For Romantic Camping using a two-person self-inflating sleeping pad is ideal. They are costly. However, like buying a quality mattress at home, you will spend many hours enjoying your investment.

Combining two one-person sleeping pads is another option. Purchase a sleeping pad coupler strap. This system uses two nylon webbing straps with a velcro closure to combine sleeping pads together. The coupler kit is the best option if you already own sleeping pads. They only cost about $10-15.

I have posted additional information and advice about camping air beds and sleeping pads at Check it out!

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