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Hello… My name is Bjorn.

Let me tell you about RomanticCamping.com. I started this website for three reasons.

First: This site is for YOU. It’s one of my personal goals to give value to my community. This is why my website offers specialized information for FREE. I want to help people improve their personal relationships and strengthen their connection with Nature.

Second: I’m interested in learning more about Romantic Camping myself. I am the student and the teacher. Just like you, I am here to learn about creating Romantic Getaways. You probably have things to teach me! Please let me know…

Third: I want to develop and monetize a high-traffic website. I am fascinated by the Internet. I want to figure out how it all works. I know it can eventually help me do more of the things I love. Like, surfing and Romantic Camping!

Thanks for visiting! Please check back often and let me know what you think…

Bjorn (Bjorn[at]RomanticCamping.com)

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  1. bridget Says:

    I love your website!! i’m making some camping reservations right now and exploring southern california campgrounds this summer with my boyfriend, tent camping is something new for both of us. I found your information helpful and really well put together! I’d love to stay in touch, I’m a writer and I was pondering the idea of critiquing camp grounds - just for fun. If that’s something you’re interested in, please let me know! And if our paths don’t end up crossing, I hope you have many happy and romantic adventures and thank you for the wise tips!


  2. Order Discount Camping Gear Says:

    Well,it is quite interesting description about the romantic camping.I would like to no more topic on this topic.

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