Increase Your Romantic Potential

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Romantic Camping Checklist

A little while ago, I made a quick anonymous survey over at I asked my friends to share which item they would bring camping to INCREASE the romantic potential of their outdoor adventure.

Here are the survey results…

lots of great chocolate, some quality massage oils and a couple of toys
scented candles
the coordinates for the star I had named after my boyfriend
chocolate wine
massage oils
massage bar from Lush
your birthday suit for skinny-dipping
whip cream
lacy bra and panty
patience and a sense of adventure
comfortable bedding
the Right Attitude!
wine/ sparkling cider
accidentally only one sleeping bag or two that zip together
my girlfriend
x-rated dice
red wine

What do you think? Leave your comment or go take the survey yourself.

Are you looking for a full checklist for items to bring Romantic Camping? Download my FREE checklist! It’s available at the top-left of this page… Check it out!!

5 Responses to “Increase Your Romantic Potential”

  1. Love Blog Says:

    The check list are complete enough but i think we should hire a moon light..sitting under the moonlight..a soft music playing in the background..

  2. Happy Camper Says:

    I find some things in the list that shouldn’t be listed but since it’s just a survey I guess it has to be revealed. Anyway, the list is quite very true but if you’re planning to have one of this romantic camping getaways just bear in your mind that safety is always the first priority.

  3. Camping Geschirr Says:

    Oh, did you mention candles?! Kidding.
    I think nice design dishes made of melamine should be in your camping box.

  4. TrailerLuv Says:

    I think camping is very romantic! Your list has inspired me to write a post at my new TrailerLuv blog! Good stuff!

  5. Leigh Says:

    Here’s a cool list of camping equipment and advice if you’re trying to set up a romantic camping weekend with someone who has never tried camping before.

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