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Romantic Idea

This month (January) I went to Idaho to visit family. While there I walked through a high-end shopping mall and saw this display (above). It is a Limited Edition Teardrop Trailer designed for romantic getaways. Luckily, I had my camera handy…

Here are the specs:

  • Aluminum matte finish exterior
  • Sports vintage-style steel wheels
  • Baby-moon hubcaps and wide whitewalls
  • Reproduction fiberglass fenders
  • Reproduction 1932 Ford tail lights
  • Maple woodwork interior
  • Cozy double bed with ample room for two
  • Lighting and a ceiling vent fan
  • Locking entry door
  • Porthole window
  • Sliding picture window and screen
  • Tailgate kitchen
  • 12-gallon water tank, sink, and faucet
  • Ample cupboards
  • Coleman camp stove
  • Matching 54-quart Coleman cooler (that rides up front in style)

This trailer is a great romantic idea! How much does one of these romantic “limited edition” trailers cost? That’s the kicker… can you believe $14,425?

It does not even have an engine!

Click HERE for more info about MaryJaneFarm’s Teardrop Trailer.

5 Responses to “Romantic Idea From MaryJanesFarm”

  1. Mark Robinson Says:

    That’s a nice teardrop, but we found one even nicer, and a LOT less expensive. Can be sen at

  2. Abhishek Jain Says:

    its a nice post on gifts ideas !
    as its give a feel of personalized & unique gifts ideas.I liked all ways to surprised with a unique feel of emotions.Very useful tips it contain for all days spacial.

  3. Happy Camper Says:

    This would make a perfect wedding gift for newlywed couples. Quite an expensive wedding gift huh?!! The specs are just unbelievable and the price too! Haha ;)

  4. Used Teardrop Trailers Says:

    Wow this is such a nice Romantic Idea From MaryJanesFarm! This trailer is so cute! I want one!:)

  5. catering trailers Says:

    I love these Romantic Idea From MaryJanesFarm! Indeed, it’s so romantic!

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