Ezine Article On Romantic Weekend Getaways

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Ezine Article

Doing something adventurous together helps to bring back the spark of passion and lets you rediscover romance in your relationship (George Wood).

I want to find Romantic Camping and Romantic Getaway information for you. This way you benefit from my work! Save time. Let me search the infinite web looking for Romantic Ideas to share HERE at the Romantic Camping Blog.

One of the places I have discovered Romantic Camping Ideas is over at Ezine Arcticles. While searching through their site I found an article titled, “Add More Love to Your Relationship with Romantic Weekend Getaways” by George Wood.

This brief article is based on the premise that couples tend to settle into a routine on the weekends. This means doing laundry, grocery shopping, renting a movie, etc…. Although necessary, these activities are ordinary. They will NOT be remembered!

Make a decision. Plan and create something different for your weekend. Do something Romantic! Define a single remarkable activity you want to accomplish. Mr. Wood offers several ideas…

His first suggestion is to take an outdoor trip. Get away from the city for a day. Go hiking. Feel the benefits from escaping the urban bubble, breathing the fresh air and getting exercise. Follow your hike with a cozy dinner at a restaurant or pub. Or, schedule a massage to relax your muscles after your adventure.

The whole point of the Romantic Weekend Getaway is to do something remarkable. Do something that makes your friends and co-workers feel jealous when they hear about it. Plan a weekend you will remember. Create a memory!

Click HERE to view the Ezine Article, “Add More Love to Your Relationship with Romantic Weekend Getaways” by George Wood.

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