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Drinking Water Safety

Getting sick while traveling is the worst!

Did you know an estimated 10 million people each year experience traveler’s diarrhea? It can happen to YOU. Water from lakes, rivers, springs and campground spigots contain pathogens that will use YOUR body as their temporary home. While they visit they will give you the runs!

If you ingest contaminated water you will feel bloating, abdominal cramps and nausea combined with three or more unformed stools within 24 hours. If you are a healthy individual this experience will NOT be the end of the world. You will recover. However, it will be the end of your Romantic Camping trip.

The BEST way to avoid this Romantic Getaway killer is to purify and filter your water. There are two recommended tools for treating your drinking water…

Water Filters: Portable water filters for camping are usually small and light (1-2 pounds or less). For this reason, they are a popular among backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. Dirty water is pumped into a screen-filtered flexible tube and then through a ceramic or charcoal filter, ending up in your container. These water filters are designed to remove bacteria, protozoa and microbial cysts, all of which can make you very sick.

Ultraviolet Purifiers: Ultraviolet (UV) light destroys DNA. Exposure to intense UV light prevents microbes from reproducing. UV light is capable of killing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, yeast, and even cryptosporidium and giardia. However, UV light has no impact on sediment, chlorine, metals, and other chemical contaminants. For this reason, the UV system works BEST when combined with a portable water filter.

For more information (and options) about treating water while on your Romantic Getaway click HERE.

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