Romantic Getaways In Minnesota

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Camping Girl
Flickr Photo By Ian Wilson

Norm Goldman, Editor of and interviews Tom Watson (author and freelance photojournalist) over at The Brogue Hog site.

The subject of the interview…

Is There Such A Thing As A Romantic Camping Getaway In Minnesota?

If you live or camp to Minnesota you will want to check out this article. Here is a quick preview:


As many of our readers are interested in romantic getaways, could you describe eight of the most romantic and unique camping areas in Minnesota? Why are they romantic?


That calls upon my interpretation of both “romantic” and “unique” campsites. I am foremost a primitive camper, minimum facilities, minimum impact.

To me a romantic site is private, remote and amid better than average scenery or natural attractions.

Based on that I could list almost any campsite in the BWCA Wilderness as well as any in Voyageurs National Park - most of which are water accessible only. As far as drive-up sites, and those with a bit of walk-in access (my favorites), I have to list the following…

Yes, Tom goes on to describe his top seven favorite romantic camping sites.

Check it out >>HERE<<.

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