Romantic Camping Trip Goes WRONG

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It’s a classic movie premise. Boy and girl leave town for a romantic getaway and everything goes very wrong. Is the disaster their fault…

In the movie SPLINTER the romantic camping trip appears to be interrupted when the couple is kidnapped. There also appears to be something hunting them in the night. Scary and Intense!

You may want to watch this movie AFTER you get back from a successful romantic camping trip. You don’t want to give your partner (or yourself) any nightmares while camping in the outdoors.

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  1. Glamis Camping Says:

    Anything can happen most especially in the wilderness where you’re either up against very dangerous animals or psycho-killers taking residence there. LOL. Maybe it’s best that when you’re planning a camping with your partner, you should take more than enough time in scouring the secluded spots for safety. It’s also best if you ask opinions from friends who have tried camping on far-flung areas and confirm the safety of the place, too.

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