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Romantic Camera

I’ve been thinking lately that needs some video. Textual information is good, but video is COOL!

With this thought in mind I found my Icecam ($30 USB camera shown above). It’s been sitting in my miscellaneous gear box for two years. I plugged it in and opened up Quicktime Player. The picture from this camera was disappointing! I guess you get what you pay for…

At this point there was no stopping me. Quality video or NOT, I was determined to make a something. This was my challenge!

After adjusting the lighting (best I could) and hacking through some practice takes I finally made it through a recording without fumbling my words. I realized that making videos requires not only good equipment, but practice in front of the camera. I have a new respect for video bloggers!

I made a new YouTube account at and uploaded my video. Check it out over at YouTube or you can see it on the homepage of

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