Heart of Romantic Camping

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Heart of Romantic
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The word “romantic” originates from medieval romance tales of adventure, chivalry and love. This word also draws association from the Romantic Movement (18th through 19th century). This means that historically the word “romantic” was used as a style of expression.

The word “romantic” combines freedom of imagination with elements of extravagance, idealism and emotion. How cool is that!

Today, “romantic” is commonly used to describe a type of relationship. It refers to an intimate or sexual relationship between two people.

So, what do these different definitions have to do with Romantic Camping?

1) Romantic Camping is an idealistic and expressive style of camping! This camping style uses YOUR imagination to create extravagant experiences that invoke emotions!

2) Romantic Camping is for people who have an intimate relationship. There is a unique dynamic that occurs when two lovers go camping. This experience should be different than camping with family or friends!

The goal for Romantic Camping is to get to the HEART OF ROMANCE. Exotic, extravagant, ideal, adventurous, imaginative, passionate and intimate are the kinds of words that should describe your next Romantic Getaway. These are the associations for the word “romantic”!

I am finding the BEST romantic ideas and camping advice and posting it on the Romantic Camping Blog. It is my goal to help you create authentically “Romantic” camping experiences.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support!

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  1. Brandi G. Lam Says:

    “Romantic” to me means that extra something special, a nice surprise, acting on the thought that counts.

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