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There are often times when I need inspiration. This is usually when I’m stressed and overworked. It always helps to take a break for a few moments. Soak up some fresh ideas and possibilities! I like to think about my next outdoor adventure. This inspires me to keep working. Let the following outdoor links inspire you! Check out MORE camping links at RomanticCamping.com. Enjoy…

Appalachian Mountain Club: Founded in 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club is America’s oldest nonprofit conservation and recreation organization. They promote the protection, enjoyment, and wise use of the mountains, rivers, and trails of the Appalachian region. This is an excellent resource for all outdoor excursions into the Appalachians. http://www.outdoors.org

GreatOutdoors.com: GreatOutdoors.com is an online community dedicated to inspiration and information. The goal of this site is to quench your thirst for adventure through inspiring photo galleries and action videos, captivating stories, up to date news and profiles of the world’s top outdoor athletes. http://www.greatoutdoors.com

The Mountaineers: The mission of this outdoors club is to be the premier northwest outdoor recreation club, dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and protection of natural areas. Their site offers information about outdoor activities in the northwestern area of the United States. http://mountaineers.org

Outdoor Adventure Canada: This online magazine is focused on Canadian outdoor activities. Among other features, the site offers great articles, discussion forums, planning tools and campground directories.

Outdoorzy.com: Have you ever been called “outdoorsy?” This site was designed for the outdoorsy people of the world. It is a place where these people pool all of their gear lists, trip reports, photos, and information on our outdoor adventures. Outdoorzy.com is a social network where you can share information and get the most out of your outdoor play time. www.outdoorzy.com

Outpost Magazine: Outpost aims to take a more adventurous and realistic look at the world and how people travel through it. Their site provides archived information on destinations and travel health, and offers samples of some of their wildest stories. This is a good resource for travel inspiration!

Outside Online: As the online home for Outside magazine, Outside Online is dedicated to covering the people, activities, gear, art, and politics of the world outside. Outside Online features over ten years of articles from the pages of Outside, plus exclusive features found only on the Web. Browse stories on health and fitness, travel, gear, and culture, and see exclusive online photo galleries, slideshows, interviews, on-the-scene event coverage, and more. Plus, get expert advice from our Gear Guy, the Adventure Adviser, and Chris Carmichael, in his fitness Q&A. www.outside.away.com

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