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Your camping tent is IMPORTANT. A quality tent will keep you protected from the weather and insects. Your tent will also serve as your headquarters for outdoor Romance!

I’ve posted great stuff about camping tents over at The TENT section offers ideas and information you need to consider when purchasing a tent for Romantic Camping. Topics I’ve covered include:

Tent Types – Know the four styles of camping (and backpacking) tents. Understanding these differences will help you figure out what you need.

Basic Tent Components – I have explained the various tent parts and their role in making your camping experience more comfortable and Romantic!

Tent Size – Yes, size does matter (at least when it comes to tents). Know the sizing system and use it wisely.

Tent Set-Up – There are some crucial things to remember when setting up your tent. Be sure you know what these are!

Tent Sex Kit – Bring the essential items for tent Romancing. Having the right goods will improve your Romantic tent experience.

My Recommendations…

The TENTS page at covers quality camping ideas and information. Click HERE to check it out!

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  1. Jacob Says:

    If staying for more than a night, I would also recommend a tent larger than 2-person tent in order to store all your personal items. This also allows room to change and move around.

    Enjoy the Outoors

  2. Kevin Says:

    Great post, I have never gone on a hike over a week long, and it wasn’t over 20 miles in. It sounds great being out there for months at a time. You need to pack it light. So I used some kind of tent lightweight backing tent. Is this tent also is a lightweight backing tent?

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