Increase Your Romantic Potential

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Romantic Camping Checklist

A little while ago, I made a quick anonymous survey over at I asked my friends to share which item they would bring camping to INCREASE the romantic potential of their outdoor adventure.

Here are the survey results…

lots of great chocolate, some quality massage oils and a couple of toys
scented candles
the coordinates for the star I had named after my boyfriend
chocolate wine
massage oils
massage bar from Lush
your birthday suit for skinny-dipping
whip cream
lacy bra and panty
patience and a sense of adventure
comfortable bedding
the Right Attitude!
wine/ sparkling cider
accidentally only one sleeping bag or two that zip together
my girlfriend
x-rated dice
red wine

What do you think? Leave your comment or go take the survey yourself.

Are you looking for a full checklist for items to bring Romantic Camping? Download my FREE checklist! It’s available at the top-left of this page… Check it out!! Reviews 2 Person Tents

Posted by admin recently released their review of 3 2-person tents, but “doubling up” in this size of tent might not leave enough room for you, your partner and your gear. Here are the tents they reviewed:

MSR Carbon Reflex 2 MSR Carbon Reflex 2 2-Person Tent Buy/Info
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Buy/Info
MSR Carbon Reflex 2 Nemo Morpho 2P Buy/Info

Here’s the link to their story

Top Five Romantic Camping Gift Ideas

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Romantic Gift Ideas

Romantic Gifts

Whether it is Valentines Day or simply a romantic weekend getaway you can only do RIGHT by picking up a romantic gift for you and your partner! This gesture sets the mood and creates a tangible memory of your special occasion. Check out the following affordable romantic items… they will help spark the romance in your next romantic outdoor getaway!

romantic gift

1) Spicy Dice are the ultimate sexy party game for two. These dirty dice are specifically for adventurous couples… that’s you! Surprise your partner with this FUN gift. While you’re at it, pickup a set of Satin Blindfolds in assorted colors. Both of these inexpensive gifts will increase the excitement on your camping trip!

2) The Stars is a GREAT introduction to the night sky. H. A. Rey is best known for his “Curious George” stories, but he was a scientist by profession and he wrote this book on stargazing for children. Use this book to rediscover the mystery and romance of the stars with your partner! A red LED flashlight will help you read the book at night. Every guy will want a Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13. This Red & White LED Flashlight is so COOL!

3) UCO Candlelier is the classic camping candle lantern. The three candle burner is BEST. It will cast the perfect soft lighting for a late romantic dinner or a card game at your picnick table. Also, you will want to pickup some extra UCO 9-Hour Candles.

4) Sex Deck is your chance for NEW perspective. Give Leg Wrap, Easy Rider, or The Sun Worshiper a try. Pull a card from this deck at random for some steamy spontaneity. Also, you might want to try Sex Scratchers. Just scratch and WIN something sexy!

5) Slumberjack Bonnie & Clyde Sleeping Bags are the ultimate romantic camping gift. If you don’t have sleeping bags that zip together or a double size bag you NEED to get this one! Think of the quality time you will enjoy together all cozy and warm… it even comes with camping pillows. If you are set on going all the way, you might want to buy a Double Wide Sleeping Pad. With both you have the whole romantic package!

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